Ways To Pay

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How to pay us to help you

If you think that you might be entitled to Legal Aid then please speak to us about that so that we can do an assessment of your entitlement before you consider whether you might have to pay us for our services. If you are not entitled to Legal Aid, then these are the ways you can pay us:


If you want unlimited access to our services as and when you need them (within business hours) then we price that according to the amount of time we spend on your case. Hourly rates are currently £201 per hour plus VAT for a Director, £177 per hour plus VAT for solicitors and legal executives with more than 4 years experience, £146 per hour plus VAT for other solicitors and legal executives, and £111 per hour plus VAT for other fee earners and paralegals.

Time spent on your affairs will include time spent in meetings with you and with others, and any time spent travelling or waiting, time spent considering, preparing and working on papers and correspondence (including emails, and time spent making and receiving telephone calls including calls with you and texts).

Fixed Fees

We appreciate that you will not always be in a position to pay us on an open-ended basis and will want a more limited type of arrangement. If you are prepared to accept limitations on the extent to which you call on our services, we may be able to offer our services to you on a fixed fee basis. Please speak to us about this.

Advice in conference

If you don’t want to retain us on an hourly basis or by fixed fee either then we can give you advice and assistance in meetings as and when you need it. That way you only pay for the time you’ve spent with us and you do the rest.

Relevant to you if:

  • Legal Aid is not available to you