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Housing Possession Court Duty Scheme Free help and representation at Court

We have an exclusive contract to run the Housing Possession Court Duty Scheme for the Legal Aid Agency for Taunton and Yeovil County Courts. If your case is listed on the Housing Possession Court Duty Scheme day then we may be able to help you under the duty scheme.

You simply have to be facing possession and be at court when the duty system is operating. It doesn’t matter how much money you have. This type of legal aid is always free in these cases.

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Where Legal Aid is available to you we will assist you under Legal Aid Funding. Please follow the link to the Government’s Legal Aid website or call us to speak to an adviser. Where it is not available we are happy to discuss options with you to pay for our help.

Relevant to you if:

  • you are attending court and haven’t already got a solicitor
  • you are facing eviction
  • you have too much money to get other types of legal aid