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Financial remedies Who gets what and why?

We know this can be very complicated, uncertain, and emotionally difficult for you. We can help you in a number of ways. We’ll always be amicable in our dealings but we know our job is to protect your interests.

Whether it’s which of you can stay in your family home, or who gets what from each others pensions, savings, investments, incomes, or inheritance prospects, we can help to resolve your issues out of court, or in court. We will encourage you to use Mediation or Collaborative Law but if all else fails we are experienced family court advocates. We can discuss the dispute resolution options with you to find what will suit your needs and circumstances.

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Where Legal Aid is available to you we will assist you under Legal Aid Funding. Please follow the link to the Government’s Legal Aid website or call us to speak to an adviser. Where it is not available we are happy to discuss options with you to pay for our help.

Relevant to you if:

  • you jointly own property with your ex-partner
  • you have property and/or other assets between you
  • there are financial support issues
  • there is pension sharing
  • you are protecting assets
  • there is a family business
  • there are school fees
  • there are trust funds