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Ending your relationship When you’ve reached the end of
the road

We recognise that not all relationships last forever. Sometimes you can sort things out between yourselves when the relationship is over, but sometimes you’ll need help.

There are a number of ways you and your partner might have lived together. It can be without any formal legal relationship (co-habiting), or it can be in a legal relationship (civil partnership, or marriage) which needs a legal process to end it.

If there are no other issues (over the children, or property) this may be all the help you need.

We will always try to help you constructively and amicably. We know that things can be hard enough without the lawyers making it worse.

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Where Legal Aid is available to you we will assist you under Legal Aid Funding. Please follow the link to the Government’s Legal Aid website or call us to speak to an adviser. Where it is not available we are happy to discuss options with you to pay for our help.

Relevant to you if:

  • you are seperating from your partner
  • you want a divorce
  • you are being divorced