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Domestic Abuse When you feel powerless to act


We offer a specialist domestic abuse service and have specialist accreditation. We understand that domestic abuse often goes unnoticed and unreported for many months and years and that if you choose to speak to us about this then it is likely to have been a very big step for you.

We will treat you sympathetically and with respect, and will go through all your options with you, including seeking protection from the Police, and from the Civil Courts by way of injunctions (Non-Molestation Orders, Occupation Orders and Harassment Act Injunctions). If it is necessary and appropriate we can very often help you obtain protective orders on an emergency basis.

Legal aid is available in this type of case (subject to your financial position)

Alleged Perpetrators

If allegations of domestic abuse have been made against you we can help you with that. You may dispute the allegations. Even if you don’t dispute what has been alleged you might want to have a say in how the Police or the Civil Courts deal with the outcome. We can help you with that too. Legal aid is unlikely to be available to you in these circumstances.

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Where Legal Aid is available to you we will assist you under Legal Aid Funding. Please follow the link to the Government’s Legal Aid website or call us to speak to an adviser. Where it is not available we are happy to discuss options with you to pay for our help.

Relevant to you if:

  • you need protection from your abusive partner
  • you’ve been wrongly accused
  • you don’t feel safe at home
  • nobody is listening