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Beginning your relationship When you’ve got it all to play for and the future is bright

Before you move in together and start sharing property and assets, or get married, it is increasingly common to have open and frank discussions with your partner about who will have what if you separate. Sharing assets, and getting married, each have long term impacts on how your assets are dealt with if and when you ever separate.

We can help you to work through your options before you take any of these big steps. We can prepare documents for you (often called co-habitation agreements, or ante-nuptial or pre-nuptial agreements) to record and make binding whatever it is that you have agreed with your partner. This will help you know in advance and how things will work out if ever you separate later.

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Where Legal Aid is available to you we will assist you under Legal Aid Funding. Please follow the link to the Government’s Legal Aid website or call us to speak to an adviser. Where it is not available we are happy to discuss options with you to pay for our help.

Relevant to you if:

  • you are getting married
  • you are sharing assets
  • you are considering a pre-nuptial agreement